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Celebration of Love with Cacao and Songs

Saturday February 10 2018 - 6:30 pm - 9:30 pm

Location: Heartstone Lodge and Retreat Center • 1366 Stuartsburg Road • Buena Vista

Join us for the 14th annual Celebration of Love – World Love Project


Mission Statement for Celebration of Love Event
To re-mind, re-awaken & expand each person’s communion with God/Spirit/Source/Spirit Beyond Naming
To encourage all human beings to extend love to ourselves, our families, neighbors, perceived enemies, to all land & to all life itself
To share the gentle yet powerful new Geometries of Love …sacred technologies for the next octave of love whose radiant energies have come through to lend vibrational support for the accelerating changes in the world as we know it & the world beyond our knowing
To help each of us to re-cognize that ‘Only Love Heals’
To offer a all-faith event open to people desiring to meet other heart-centered people who share the desire to ‘expand love infinitely’
To encourage all beings to live a life of conscious benediction; a life of blessing & sincere gratitude moment by moment.
In these times of uncertainty, work overload and over-commitments it is comforting to know that every year in February there is a place to go for one or more days, where you can bask in the warmth of kindred friendship – the companionship of old friends and the knowing that you will make new friends. These are friends that share your vision of ‘awakened hearts’…a world filled with respect, caring, communication – a knowing of the connectedness of all life. …a world radiating a “BIG LOVE” vision! An evolution of Love vision!!

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