I am getting close to my second Saturn return, which makes me around 58 years old; and I feel boldness in me like I have not felt in a while. Maybe not even since my first Saturn return, right before I left France to move to the US. I left my life behind and moved with my suitcases and my cat Kasha. It was a bold move for sure although, at the time, I was not fully conscious of the breadth of it. And yes, my life changed… a lot. Today something in me is wanting to change again, in a big bold way. I am very aware and conscious of it and in some ways it makes it harder to make the move. The thing is I don’t really know what the move is. It has not expressed itself yet. And it will.  I am excited by what wants to be birthed….

I wrote this paragraph a few weeks ago …(obviously something else needed to come through before completion) and I have been pondering and meditating about this big bold move. And then it dawned on me that it could be a gentle and bold at the same time. No need to necessarily fall from the tower (for you tarot readers) to bring alchemical transformation in my life. No need to start my life all over again like I did 30 years ago…. not that I was really planning on moving to another continent again. Yet the tug was there… until I surrendered.

I surrendered to stillness and the answer came. And I felt it deep inside. My Soul awakened to something new, more alive. I could feel it in every cell of my body. Yes the biggest alchemical changes are always internal and personal. External circumstances are forever evolving and we can choose to be bound by them or not. And since that day I have felt the internal shift. Something in me is bolder and brighter. I feel lighter physically and I feel my light beaming out further.

You may ask me what is the bold move? The internal shift is still informing me and the external outcome will be birthed soon.

Where is the boldness in your life?

In boldness

Christel Libiot


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